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This Attorney will show you

Exactly How To Get your Marriage Greencard approved 

(And avoid painfully unnecessary delays and a denial...)

Congratulations on your marriage! You may be here with or without legal immigration status and you're ready to apply for the greencard. Your spouse is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident and now you're thinking... What's next? What forms do I need? I'm out of status, will I have a problem? I'm here on my visa, will I lose my status? How long will this take?  And does my spouse make enough to sponsor me? We tackle all of these questions while getting our clients through a successful immigration process.

  • Take the doubt and fear out of the process
  • The Attorney prepares everything to reduce errors
  • Give yourself the best chance at an approval

Here's Exactly

How i get you to an approved greencard

STEP 1 - Prepare

I and my team help clients to pinpoint exactly how they need to prepare themselves and the documents to apply for the marriage greencard.

STEP 2 - Compose

Marriage is not a one size fits all. Your story and the evidence showing your marriage is real will not be the same in all situations. We compose the best evidence to get an approved greencard.

STEP 3 - Review

Chances are, this is your first rodeo. You don't know the red flags or the mistakes that lead to delays or a denial. We review your application to make sure those red flags are not present.

STEP 4 - File

We make sure the filing process is smooth and seamless by guiding you on where and how to file your application.

You should know

All that Can Go Wrong

I hate to be a party pooper. But during all these years I've seen unrepresented couples go into the process blindly and then trip over these major problems in their immigration process. Many of these problems started because they did not prepare a solid winning application. I help my clients avoid these issues. At 100% approval, I can say my work is effective. 

You Underestimate the Process...

This is usually the beginning of the disaster. You think ..."it's just paperwork..." Then you find out your process is delayed by 6 months because of a single mistake..., you get a nasty letter from immigration asking for more evidence, or  you even a notice to deny. 

Wrong Forms...

You forget that a form and then that causes a delay of 6 to 12 months or even a denial! Or you don't complete the sponsorship forms correctly.

Wrong filing location...

You file at the wrong location. After weeks of waiting, the application gets rejected and now you have to file all over again. Worst, they accept you form at the wrong location, cash your fee payment, and then deny your application without a refund.

Red Flagged Evidence...

Incomplete or insufficient evidence causes your application to get red flagged. For example, you only include that marriage certificate in the application. Then you go into an unpleasant interview, only to get a denial.

The Dreaded Second Interview

An application that is not done well, can lead to the scheduling of a second interview. Called the Stokes Interview. This usually means they aren't convinced your marriage is real and they're calling you back to decide whether it's Marriage Fraud. This is serious. 

We are getting GREAT RESULTS for our clients

What our Clients are ACTUALLY saying...

Marriage Greencard Client



"I highly recommend ST Law. Very professional and experienced. Received our approval within 5 and a half months. Our attorney traveled all the way from Florida to represent us in New York. I am happy we chose their firm."

Marriage Greencard Client



"I want to say that my experience with Miss Tharpe was very satisfying. She did a very good job with my case she was always a phone call away from any questions that I had and always made sure I understood every process that we were doing. I am very satisfied with her expertise with immigration laws. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone that's looking for an immigration lawyer with five stars. I'm very satisfied with her service."


Does this sound like you?

IF You are constantly THINKING  ...

  • ​What evidence do I need to submit to get an approval?
  • ​What if I make a mistake and get denied?
  • ​What if something goes wrong during the process?

You're not alone! These are valid questions. We resolve each one of these questions and concerns easily for our clients. The great thing about my representation is, all of your questions, doubts and fears about the process will be alleviated. As an experienced Attorney, I am equipped with the knowledge to prepare a solid marriage based petition for you.


Notice: The information on this website is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship, which is only formed when you have signed an engagement and fee agreement. We cannot guarantee results; past results do not guarantee future results.